Getting A Handle on Technical Analysis

July 1, 202112:00 pm1 hour
When trading CFDs and Forex you must begin with a understanding of where price is and where it has been as well where it will find support and resistance or when it is over bought or oversold. You cannot do this using news and headlines. You will need to use technical analyses. The science of technical analysis is done using charts and price action on these charts to find significant price levels and to understand the market psychology. This is done using indicators and patterns on your charts. Technical analysis will help you understand the volatility in the markets, will generate buy and sell signals and well as warn you of important changes in the trends of a market. You will need to use technical analysis to determine where to put your stops losses and to apply solid risk and money management tools.
In this webinar, we will help you start building your foundation to using charts and technical analysis to understand price action. This is an important class to start building your own trading strategy.

John is an active trader and educator at JustLearn Academy with an MBA in Finance from New York University. He began trading in 1995 focusing mainly on commodities and options, then transformed into forex investment. His current specialization covers all aspects of cryptocurrency and digital asset trading utilizing fundamental and technical analysis, namely chart pattern analysis. Mr. Roman has conducted training seminars on all over the world from novice to innovative strategies. He provides a solid, collaborative and extremely encouraging training atmosphere to assist traders in locating and trading momentum moves, using confirmed patterns and methods.